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All About Downloads


All About Downloads

The most common support ticket questions we receive are about downloads. We hope that the below info is helpful in answering your download questions and concerns.

How do I access my downloads?

Once your order is complete (and payment has cleared) you will instantly receive your downloads. You will receive links via email (to the email address registered in the GS shop), and your links will be available in the GS shop. To access your links in the shop, please log into your account in the GingerScraps shop, then click "my account", and view your order history.

If you are having trouble locating the download links, most likely you just need to scroll down under the product preview. The full list of download links will be right under the product preview on the downloads page. 

How long do I have to download my purchase?

You have 960 hours (40 days), from the time of your purchase to download your items.

What do I do if I need my downloads reset?

If you need you downloads reset please start a support ticket to put in your request. Please be sure to include your shop username or email address and the dates or order numbers that you need reset.

Any orders over 1 year old will require a $1.00 per item reset/resend fee. If your order has 5 products, it will be $5.00 to resend them all. Resending links is a time consuming process so the $1.00 fee helps to cover the time it takes to get links sent. 

*IMPORTANT* GingerScraps will guarantee you can get all purchased products within 30 days of purchase. After that time we will reset what we can, but please keep in mind, any products discontinued, retired, or no longer in the shop will not be available for download after 30 days. We highly encourage you to download your purchases right away, and always store backups to an external hard-drive or online backup service.

What do I do if I get a "you have nothing to download error"?

There are a few reasons you will get this error, most likely your downloads have expired, please view info on "what do I do if I need my download reset".

Or it is possible there was an issue when a designer was linking their products. Please send in a support ticket and we will get this resolved for you quickly.

Why is my order Queued?

The two most likely reasons an order gets "queued" are ... 

1. There is a delay in communication between PayPal and the GingerScraps server. It also might happen if the customers Internet is a slower connection. Any extra lag time, and PayPal will force the order into a "queued" statues. Most of the time, once communication is back with PayPal and the GS server, the order will automatically switch to "processed", and the links will be made available. If your order is stuck in "queued" for longer then 1 hour, please send in a support ticket so we can get this resolved for you.

2. The order was paid for using an echeck. If you paid for your order using an echeck, your order will remain "queued" until the echeck has cleared your bank and the payment is processed. Once the echeck clears, your links will be sent to you via email and they will also be available in your shop account.

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